South Park The Dog Whisperer (Full Episode)

South Park  The Dog Whisperer (Full Episode)

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Question by ManOfStyle: What episode of south park featured a false expert?
I vaguely remember there being a south park episode where a false expert comes in to solve the problem. I’m sure there were a few, but i dont remember any other details other than the guy faking his credentials or something like that.

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Answer by Tianwei
you can find the relanted information on the internet

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  • Dejie Egans


  • You could if you broke his legs (like in the movie Misery)

    Anyways, one point in this episode is that part of the problem was Carman’s mom herself. She is not married and doesn’t have a man in his life so instead of treating Cartman like her son, she had to put him on her level so that he could be a “friend”.

  • Serthis Siggie

    This is just like ausschwitz hahaha love that guy

  • HapigeonChannel


  • maybe use like editing programs and reverse the footage you capture? (I have literally no idea D: im just giving sugguestions of what I think might work)

  • Why is the writing backwards

  • joselopezunior



  • Elven Mage Jr

    4:26 Cartman is the ultimate troll

  • Elven Mage Jr

    The Dog Weeeeesperer

  • kyuubi bomb

    Cartman watched SAW

  • :D 

  • TeonanactlPsyTrance

    awsome episode!!

  • Ransom922Studios

    Cartman owned those bitches.
    But no one. NO ONE. No one fucks with Caesar Millan.

  • Cartman thrashing around at 8:35 reminds me of Gollum.. lol

  • ColonialMarine117


  • Reuban Davey


  • im glad your back

  • Best…. Episode…. Ever!

  • In Season 3-Episode 2, called “Spontaneous Combustion,” the mayor assigns the only scientist of the town, Randy–who is a geologist–to solve the crisis of why South Park residents are spontaneously combusting. He comes up with what he thinks is a good theory, that holding in farts is what is causing it, and everyone else likes his theory until in the end he is shot down as an idiot.

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